Speaking of traveling is sightseeing and souvenirs.

I frequently use the airport.

I frequently use the airport. Because I live in various places with the Kansai area and the Tohoku district because of my husband's work in Chiba. For children's summer vacation or winter vacation, I will take a plane to Chiba via Haneda airport by plane. I'm looking forward to choosing a time like arriving at Haneda Airport around lunch time and having lunch at the airport. While on an airplane, I consult with my child ""What do you want to eat?"" And when you arrive at the airport, you head for a shop with the food you want. Because there are various foods such as Chinese food, Italian food, Japan soba, etc., choose according to the mood of that time. It is a lot of fun when I am picking this lunch. After that, watching a small article or something, saying ""Do you want to buy this for a souvenir?"", I am buying souvenirs as soon as I arrive. There are items that are stylish for small items at the airport and you can also buy trendy items, cosmetics, and clothes. This restaurant tour and tour of the shop when arriving at the airport, it is a little fun for me.

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